Are people moving to the sunshine coast?

In a scorching letter, Mr. Johnson said that coastal people who did not want others to move here were “stuck in 1970 and that they had the right, and that of every person, to choose where they wanted to live.” Yes, it's been proven that a smaller amount of sunlight not only makes people feel depressed, but it also causes depression. A newcomer to the Sunshine Coast defends “Southerners” after hearing too many people “complain” about the influx of people from New South Wales and Victoria. As a New Zealander who moved to the Sunshine Coast eight years ago in search of a warmer climate and the chance to swim in the sea all year round, I have no regrets.

Moving: Look for an interstate moving agent who specializes in moving from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast and a moving company to pack and unpack for you. Dr. Prue Millear, professor of psychology at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), said that Queensland had a long history of parochialism. The Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast are the most popular vacation spots for people in Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand who want to escape cold, dark winters and have fun on a warm beach.

Rather than attacking people on the interstate, Mr. Johnson said Southerners should be welcomed because of the contributions they could make to the community. Like Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast gets around 2,884 hours of sunshine a year, compared to 2,592 hours of sunshine a year in Sydney. Selling or renting your home: Real estate agents or property managers will take care of your home and housing is much cheaper on the Sunshine Coast, which will offset the costs.

Then they have so much fun playing on the beach, hiking in the national parks and touring the shops and restaurants that many of them end up wishing they could move here. When winter comes, thousands of Sydneans flock to Queensland for a vacation and enjoy a much needed dose of sunshine. Mr. Johnson also attacked people who blamed Southerners for spending their money on the coast and driving up housing prices.

A recent article by Ashley Robinson, a Sunshine Coast News columnist, complaining that Southerners wanted to change the way they think on the coast, was the last straw, prompting Mr. Johnson to speak out in defense of the new residents. There are still plenty of things to do on the Sunshine Coast with and without children, including arts and cultural events, as well as music festivals, sporting events and educational opportunities. Better yet, you avoid the negative aspects of winter, such as an endless series of winter colds and even seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a subset of mood disorders in which people who have normal mental health for most of the year experience depressive symptoms in winter.

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