Is Gold Coast Cheaper than Sunshine Coast? An Expert's Perspective

The Costa del Sol is a great destination for mature travelers who want to relax and enjoy life. But when it comes to activities and attractions, the Gold Coast is hard to beat. The Sunshine Coast is much easier to get around, with less traffic and fewer cars per square mile. Plus, you can take a train from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane in under an hour.The cost of living is also much lower on the Sunshine Coast than on the Gold Coast.

If safety is a priority, then the Sunshine Coast is the better option. While the Sunshine Coast offers ethical, hand-woven, fair trade and hemp sandals, the Gold Coast has dazzling flip flops with platforms and wedges. On the Sunshine Coast, people rise early to greet the sun and drink hot water and lemon, while on the Gold Coast they stay up late to clean their masks.The Gold Coast has grown rapidly in recent years, but it wasn't prepared for its population explosion. As a result, transportation options are limited.

But if you're looking for great shopping deals, then the Gold Coast is your best bet. Mooloolaba tends to be less touristy and cheaper than Noosa, making it a great option for younger travelers or those on a budget.Both the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are relatively young regions, so they lack cultural points of reference. On the Sunshine Coast, it's easier to find a quiet spot on the beach because there are fewer people around during off-peak season. The Gold Coast has plenty of accommodation options that are tailored to families, such as Paradise Resort.But it's still the beaches that make the Sunshine Coast so special.

You can explore freshwater lakes, huge sand dunes and other natural features on Fraser Island, which is just a short drive away from the Sunshine Coast's most popular beaches. The best time to visit is between March and May when there's optimal weather and less rain in summer.Surfers Paradise is known for its exclusive nightlife scene with plenty of bars and clubs all within walking distance of each other. The city enjoys nearly 300 days of sunshine a year, making it one of Australia's sunniest destinations.

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