Is it worth moving to the sunshine coast?

The area is also full of cafés. Like Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast receives around 2,884 hours of sunshine a year, compared to 2,592 hours of sunshine a year in Sydney. I meet people every day who do the same, who move to the Sunshine Coast. 26 percent, like me, are nervous wondering if they're making the right decision, so I thought I'd cover a lot of it here about what it's like to live on the Sunshine Coast.

If you like to stay connected, Sunshine Coast has a transportation network that makes it very easy to get around. The Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast are the most popular vacation spots for people in Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand who want to escape cold, dark winters and have fun on a warm beach. There are still plenty of things to do on the Sunshine Coast with and without children, including arts and cultural events, as well as music festivals, sporting events and educational opportunities. I have visited the Sunshine Coast several times during the holidays, but I don't know the best suburbs to live in.

With some of the most impressive beaches in the country, it's no wonder that the “Sunny Coast” is one of the Sunshine State's most popular vacation spots. This modern and lively venue is the only venue dedicated to live music on the Sunshine Coast, so if you can't go a weekend without a concert, Solbar will become your new place of reference. Living on the Sunshine Coast doesn't just put you on the doorstep of exceptional beaches. Whether you're flying alone, as a couple or with a few children in tow, Sunshine Coast offers a neighborhood that fits every lifestyle.

If you moved here from Sydney or Melbourne, you don't even have to make new friends, half of your schoolmates and former co-workers live in the city next door. If you're more attracted to the lush greenery of the Sunshine Coast's interior than the white sand beaches, Eumundi is your ideal getaway to nature. Then they have so much fun playing on the beach, hiking in the national parks and touring the shops and restaurants that many of them end up wishing they could move here. Queensland Rail (QR) operates regular train services between Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, making it an excellent choice for professionals traveling to and from the city of Brisbane.

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