Is the sunshine coast a good place to raise a family?

The Sunshine Coast is home to some exceptional beaches, beautiful and peaceful suburbs, exceptional weather, a relaxed lifestyle, friendly people and the list goes on. That's why this place attracts thousands of people every year who settle here with their families. From Caloundra to Rainbow Beach, there's a beach that fits your family's needs. Local favorites are Kings Beach and Alexandra Headland.

Noosa and Mooloolaba are important tourist spots. Everyone knows that the beaches are some of the best in Australia, and are much less “developed” than their counterparts on the Gold Coast. Whether it's surfing or calm, you'll love all the beaches of Sunny Coast. We'll help you find the right real estate agent.

The Sunshine Coast is a great place to raise children, so I highly recommend choosing them. Caloundra isn't bad, and of the three main cities on the Sunshine Coast, it's probably the cheapest when it comes to properties. The further north you are, the higher the prices will be. The housing boom may have passed its peak, but one leading real estate commentator says the future.

While living on the Sunshine Coast has a lot to offer, there are pain points that locals know all too well. However, I don't think you're going too wrong with either of them, that part of the Sunshine Coast is one of my favorite areas in Australia. In short, the difference is that Gold Coast is more commercial, busier, and home to many theme parks. I hope someone local will help you with your questions, but I think I can chime in a bit, as I visit the Sunshine Coast so often.

Fortunately, Sunshine Coast has an ecological and healthy approach to life and the available public transport is widely used, clean and, in general, punctual (traffic permitting). The Sunshine Coast is home to some of the best animal encounters in Queensland, such as Australia's Zoo and Wildlife Headquarters, to name just a few. As a result, Sunshine Coast is the preferred turnaround destination for Brisbane residents and interstates alike. Families in and around Brisbane will be flocking to the Sunshine Coast to make the most of the summer weather, making the peak season hectic for locals.

There's nothing better than the sea breeze and it's a wonderful trip down the coast to Maroochydore. The Sunshine Coast is a large area and getting from one suburb to another can be difficult if you rely on public transportation. The variety of public and private education on the Sunshine Coast provides families with the opportunity to choose education for their children. From what I know about the Sunshine Coast, I really like Mooloolaba and its surroundings and I know that the suburb of Buderim is well thought out and has good schools.

You can continue your panoramic tour through Montville and Maleny and even travel about 20 km outside the Sunshine Coast area to see the Glass House Mountains.

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