What is so special about sunshine coast?

White-sand beaches and pristine waterways are adjacent to lush rainforests and World Heritage-listed national parks, with charming historic towns scattered everywhere. You'll have plenty of options to choose from with fresh seafood from the area, unique dining experiences, and lots of wonderful wineries and breweries. The Costa del Sol is a region rich in diversity, and that is what makes it so special. With an enviable location, the region is hidden between Brisbane and Fraser Island.

Here you'll find natural wonders, beaches galore, and fresh local food galore. From the majestic mountains of Glass House to Noosa and the colorful sands of Rainbow Beach, the region includes more than 100 kilometers of pristine sandy beaches, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of coastal and inland villages. With an enviable location, the region is hidden between Brisbane and Fraser Island, a natural paradise waiting to be explored. Wonders of nature, beachside culture, fresh local food, immersive encounters and world-class events abound.

Apart from these, that is the extent of what the Sunshine Coast culturally offers in terms of man-made monuments. With its diverse landscapes, climate and relaxed atmosphere, Sunshine Coast is a destination you can't miss. Another way to disconnect from the pleasant but predictable beaches is the Noosa River; cruises here offer a great way to see the confines of the Sunshine Coast, a little far from the coast, and enjoy a dose of greenery in the water. A final potential draw for visitors to the Sunshine Coast who have moderately extended stays is the imminent opportunity to take a trip to the spectacular Fraser Island.

The protected nature of the Sunshine Coast beaches is something very positive for those with young children and offers numerous swimming opportunities (all in Caloundra, Mooloolaba (with a section completely protected by a rock wall that leads to calm waters) and Noosa offer these locations, and offer an excellent free entertainment option. From clothing and jewelry to paints and massages, diversity is part of the appeal of Eumundi's markets and makes them a must see during your stay on the Sunshine Coast. To be a destination where relaxing and taking things easy is one of the main objectives, Sunshine Coast still offers an impressive variety of things to do across the spectrum, from natural to artificial. Both Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are large cities, not entirely, that lack a true central CBD.

Add to this other unique offerings, such as Ginger Factory (the name makes it sound more boring than it is: lots of goodies, some attractions and other child-oriented entertainment), the Top Shots amusement park (multiple small-scale activities) and the Big Kart Track for karting, and Sunshine Coast does quite well in the department of child-focused paid attractions. Its location in an environment that mixes an aquatic environment with green areas and in which a considerable amount of money has been invested in the creation of artificial attractions, means that both young and old will have plenty of options, unless you are especially interested in history or culture (in which case you probably wouldn't travel here in the first place). The Sunshine Coast is far different from the Gold Coast when it comes to natural offerings and, in some cases, even surpasses its southern sister in terms of beauty. While the Sunshine Coast isn't quite the quiet and tranquil region of a previous night, its nightlife offer is still pale compared to that of the Gold Coast.

Add to that the wineries and vineyards along the way, as well as the ability to walk through the woods and swim, and it's a beautiful dose of greenery that can be reached without much fuss from the Sunshine Coast's most touristic coastal suburbs. With the Sunshine Coast's ease of access and its relatively compact space, car routes can be designed to suit anything from a half-day “flavor” to a multi-day “buffet”. Finally, if you really want to spend a day shopping, there are opportunities to take a trip to the northern part of Brisbane's large Westfield resort; this is especially feasible if you're staying in one of the southern suburbs of the Sunshine Coast and can do so in approximately 45 minutes by car, assuming traffic is reasonable. One thing that both Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast have in common is their true lack of cultural focus.

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