Why is the Sunshine Coast Becoming a Popular Destination for People Moving from Southern States?

The Sunshine Coast is becoming an increasingly popular destination for people looking to move from southern states. With its relaxed lifestyle, warm climate, and relative affordability of housing, it's no wonder why so many people are choosing to make the Sunshine Coast their new home. Relaxed lifestyle is one of the main draws of the Sunshine Coast. Everything is less formal here, from the way people dress to the way they do business.

An estimated 200,000 people are expected to move to the region by 2041, with most settling between Maroochydore and Caloundra. The executive director of the Queensland Property Council, Jen Williams, said that lifestyle and climate were the main motivators for a move (both 76 percent), while the relative affordability of housing was also an important factor. An Australian Property Council survey of 220,000 residents of Sydney and Melbourne showed that 37 percent, or about 81,400 people, were considering moving to the coast within the next five years. The Sunshine Coast has a warm climate all year round (almost 300 days of sunshine a year) and the average ocean temperature never drops below 21℃.

It's no surprise that its beaches are some of its most popular attractions. If you're looking for a life away from the hustle and bustle of Brisbane, Sunshine Coast is for you. The region also has a well-developed transportation network that makes it easy to get around and stay connected. As one of the 10 most important urban areas in Australia and independently ranked as the second best performing economy in Queensland, the Sunshine Coast is one of the major regional cities of the 21st century.

The founder and deputy CEO of Huddle Insurance, Jason Wilby, said that choosing Sunshine Coast was an easy decision for him. He said that being a local has its advantages, such as being able to enjoy off-season beaches when they're not crowded with tourists.

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